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Setouchi Shimanami Kaido
One of the largest restaurants and souvenir shops
2 minutes' walk to Oyamazumi Shrine, the general guardian shrine of Japan and the primary shrine of Iyo-no-kuni (present Ehime and Shikoku)

Oyamazumi Shrine

It is said that 80% of national treasures and important Cultural Property weapons and armor level are collected at Oyamazumi Shrine. We also offer a free guided tour of Oyamazumi Shrine for our restaurant guests. (Reservation required. * minimum of 15 in a party)

Local gourmet food

We offer a variety of local Setouchi gourmet food and souvenirs, including "ramen topped with dried young sardine cutlet" and "lemon soft ice cream" prepared with a generous amount of local ingredients.


Major facilities

  • Parking lot

    Passenger vehicles
    Up to 100 vehicles

  • Bicycle parking


  • Rest rooms

    Capacity for 9
    Capacity for 10

  • Barrier free

    Handicapped rest room
    Each for men
    and women

  • Restaurant

    Individual reservation available
    (minimum of 8 in a party)
    Group reservation

  • Souvenirs

    Over 800 items
    always available

  • Shop hours

    No scheduled holidays

  • Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi installed


"Sea bream rice" cooked in a steamer is our original item that
we have been serving since our inception.

"Sea bream rice" prepared with fresh sea bream delivered from the Omishima Fishermen's Association and a secret soup stock cooked in a steamer is our signature item that we have been serving since our inception. We replicate the "Hojo sea bream rice," a fishermen's-style rice made only with sea bream, using carefully selected Koshihikari rice grown in Ehime Prefecture. In order to add a soft texture, we blend in glutinous rice, using our special combination.

Recommended menu

  • Sea bream rice set menu


    Our No. 1 menu made with Koshihikari rice from Ehime and cooked in our original soup stock. Fisherman's style sea bream rice that contains nothing else but fresh sea bream.
  • Senzanki & sea bream rice set menu


    Our No. 2 popular item. "Senzanki" is a local dish of Imabari, which is prepared by deep frying seasoned chicken meat. It is said to be the origin of Karaage chicken.
  • Ramen topped with a variety of seafood


    Combination of our 3 most popular ramen, topped with sea bream, manila clam, and dried young sardine cutlet. Served with rice (free).

Shop information

店舗情報 店舗情報


  • 外売店くすのき

    Kiosk Kusunoki

  • デコポンソフト

    Variety of regional flavored soft ice cream

  • ホットスナック各種

    Variety of hot snacks

  • 休憩スペース

    Rest area

    Please enjoy your take-out items in the rest area outside the shop.

One of the largest souvenir shops along Shimanami Kaido, where you can find a variety of local gifts of Setouchi. About 800 popular items, including towels from Imabari, local original product "lemon persimmon" as well as other products from Ehime and Shikoku and original products of Shimanami Kaido. Drop by after your meal and pick up some Setouchi souvenir to take home.

Popular ranking for souvenirs


High quality Imabari towels produced in Imabari, the largest towel production center in Japan Imabari towels


Shimanami Kaido specialty sweetShiomochi

8 pieces ¥864(Tax in)~

Fresh flavor of the Seto Inland Sea - Shimahijiki and Shimanori seaweeds

Shimahijiki ¥480(Tax in) Shimanori seaweeds ¥756(Tax in)

There is an array of other products available.


Shop information

Address 5119-2 Miyaura, Omishima-cho, Imabari City, Ehime 794-1301
TEL 0897‐82‐0195
Parking lot Free of charge
Passenger vehicles Up to 100 vehicles
Buses 21vehicles
* Parking space is limited. Please contact us in advance if you are arriving in a large bus.
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From Imabari to Omishima

Take Setouchi Shimanami Kaido (Nishiseto Expressway)
to Imabari Minami or Imabari Kita IC,
and drive about 35 minutes to Omishima IC

From Onomichi to Omishima

Take Setouchi Shimanami Kaido (Nishiseto Expressway)
to Nishiseto-Onomichi IC,
and drive about 35 minutes to Omishima IC

From other major locations

About 1.5 hours from Dogo Onsen Hot Springs
About 30 minutes from Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Kurushima Kaikyo SA
About 45 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama Nishi IC

Omishima inner-island routes

大三島 島内の経路

Inner-island routes