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Setoda Suigunmaru is located in the center of Shimanami Kaido.
Drop by if you are traveling the central Shikoku area

Kosanji Temple

Many of the structures of this temple that were built over a period of 30 some years beginning in 1936 replicate the styles and techniques of famous Buddhist architecture from the Asuka to Edo periods.

Regional gourmet food

The rich flavor of this ramen soup is prepared by adding ground pork fat to clear soy sauce-flavored soup made with small fish caught in the Seto Inland Sea. Medium width straight noodles. Its fame has been continuously increasing in recent years, attracting more and more ramen lovers. It has become one of the most famous ramens in Japan.


Major facilities

  • Parking lot

    Buses 8vehicles
    Passenger vehicles

  • Bicycle parking

    10 vehicles

  • Rest rooms

    Capacity for 7
    Capacity for 11

  • Restaurant

    Individual reservation available
    (minimum of 8 in a party)
    Group reservation

  • Souvenirs

    Over 250 items
    always available

  • Shop hours

    No scheduled holidays


Original menu that features fresh "octopus,"
local specialty of Setouchi, harvested in the Bisan region.

Signature rice dish cooked with tender octopus harvested in Bisan region in Setouchi. Inspired by fishermen's daily menu. The Seto Inland Sea with its fast moving current provides plenty of feed to grow octopus that are fresh in color and tender in texture. The flavor and taste of octopus goes very well with white rice. We use Hiroshima's famous brand, "Akiroman" rice. Each serving is cooked carefully in a steamer.

Recommended menu

  • Octopus pail set menu


    We use a whole fresh octopus harvested locally in Setouchi. Dynamic menu served in a pail. No. 2 popular item in our restaurant.
  • Deep fried conger eel rice


    Deep fried whole conger eel caught locally. A generous serving that sticks out beyond the edge of the bowl will surely satisfy your appetite.
  • Onomichi ramen


    Regional specialty ramen. Rich soup with pork fat is addictively delicious.

Store information


Our shop features a variety of souvenirs from Hiroshima as well as local products from Setouchi.

Popular ranking for souvenirs


Hiroshima is the largest lemon production center in Japan LemonLemon


Octopus rice seasoning
Sanren octopus
Chigiri octopus

Sanren octopus ¥1,080(Tax in) Chigiri octopus ¥1,080(Tax in)

Flavor of the Seto Inland SeaOctopus miso
Salted and fermented octopus

Octopus miso ¥648(Tax in) Salted and fermented octopus ¥680(Tax in)

There is an array of
other products available.


Shop information


Address 504-3 Setoda honmachi, Setoda-cho,
Onomichi City, Hiroshima 722-2411
TEL 0845‐27‐3003
Parking lot Free of charge
Buses 8vehicles
Passenger vehicles 20vehicles
* Parking space is limited. Please contact us in advance if you are arriving in a large bus.
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From Imabari to Ikuchijima

Take Setouchi Shimanami Kaido (Nishiseto Expressway)
to Imabari Minami or Imabari Kita IC,
and drive about 45 minutes to Ikuchijima Minami IC

From Onomichi to Ikuchijima

Take Setouchi Shimanami Kaido (Nishiseto Expressway)
to Nishiseto Onomichi IC,
and drive about 20 minutes to Ikuchijima Kita IC

From other major locations

About 1 hour and 45 minutes from Dogo Onsen Hot Springs
About 40 minutes from Setouchi Shimanami Kaido Kurushima Kaikyo SA
About 35 minutes from Sanyo Expressway Fukuyama Nishi IC

Ikuchijima inner-island routes

生口島 島内の経路

Inner-island routes